Our Core Values

Every new project drives our imagination and will to learn, that’s why we appreciate your unconventional ideas and ambitious plans.
However, we focus on long-term partnerships getting to the very core of the business and assisting our clients to create market-dominant products.

We Offer Our


Test Planning

Testing starts long before first line of code is written. Do you need to create test plan for a Project or define Test stratege for whole company? We are here to help you describing the scope, approach, resources and schedule of intended test activities.

Manual Testing

We perform manual tests at any stage of development and at any level - Integration, System, Acceptance. With each client, we always try to come up with a suitable set of all tests needed to guarantee the quality of the given software.

Automation Testing

Once tests are written the best approach is to automate them to save time and resources. We are here to choose the best approach for automation testing on any level. We offer GUI automated tests (In selenium or Cypress), Backend or API automated tests (Postman).

Web & Mobile Development

We can provide the full-cycle web or mobile development process from A to Z and guide you through all project phases such as requirements specification, product design, UX/UI, graphic design, implementation, QA and deployment. We use leading-edge technologies and tools that allow us to create secure, fast and robust web and mobile applications. We will always find the best custom solution for each project.

Graphic Design (UI / UX)

We always try to combine the above so that we create a design that is perfectly usable and meets the main goals of your business.
Nice graphic design, usability, clarity, intuitive controls and speed. These are the key values for the right UI / UX product. However, there is much more to a great product than just what can be seen at first glance.

Digital Marketing

Our ultimate goal is to deliver sustainable growth to our clients by helping them create meaningful relationships with their customers through digital marketing. Our experts are equipped with over 10 years of industry experience, which reflects in the careful curation of each and every step of the digital marketing strategy, including keyword research, SEO audit, competitive intelligence, content creation, link building, and rank & conversion analysis.

Predictable costs

We are meticulous about cooperation conditions and highly evaluate transparency at every step we take.

Our key value is to keep straight and ongoing communication with our clients.

This attitude helps to define a coherent and predictable budget to be allocated for Quality Assurance.

99% More Secure Product
97% Professional Growth Opportunities
100% Customer Focus
98% Creativity and Innovation

Other Services

Requirements Analysis

Requirements analysis, also called requirements engineering, is the process of determining user expectations for a new or modified product. These features, called requirements, must be quantifiable, relevant and detailed.

Test Planning & Designing

The test plan serves as a blueprint to conduct software testing activities as a defined process, which is minutely monitored and controlled by the test manager. Test Plan is A document describing the scope, approach, resources, and schedule of intended test activities.

Test Execution

Test execution is the execution of tests by running the system under test and thus obtaining the actual results that can be compared with the expected results to determine whether the tests have passed or failed


Reporting is primarily the means and measures to collect, process, store and present information within a company. Reporting is also about reducing the complex to the essential. Thus making data accessible in a simplified way for specific target groups and stakeholders.

Our Business

Our Story

If you want to work with an IT company who knows which end is up and has the experience to deliver quality service, we are your choice. Of course we will provide you with a free quote so you can make sure that we are within your budget. We offer many different packages that are suitable for businesses of many different sizes, and many people find they actually save money by outsourcing their IT needs to our business instead of hiring in-house.

"We are not only colleagues - We are one big family"

Our Team

Depending on the needs of the company or project we can seamlessly integrate into your team and close the gaps or foster the existing QA process at any stage.

OUR engineers and managers are experienced and skilled professionals, who are always ready to give advice and support the client`s enthusiasm. Years of dedicated work taught us that the path to success is pulling together as a team.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers with distinctive, lasting, and effective improvements to release to the market great products that attract, excite, and retain users and potential business partners.

We are called to never stop improving both software quality and our own competence. We Provide Software Testing Solutions which Exceed Client Expectations.

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